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Advice & Tips

To Do This Month

It is one of the busiest ‘growing’ months. The soil is warming up and everything is beginning to grow – including the weeds!

There is a lot to sow this month and with many crops you can sow one set and then a few weeks later re-sow to give you a succession of fresh vegetables. If it is a dry May, it is a good idea to soak your seed drill before sowing and then just water with a fine rose after.

• Watch out for any late frosts, and protect tender plants
• Hoe off small weeds, best done on a dry day, so the weeds have no chance to recover, this will make the job far easier than waiting for them to grow.
• Earth up potatoes, promptly plant any still remaining
• Sow and also thin out carrots and parsnips
• Sow runner Beans / spring onions / radishes / turnips and swedes
• Sow peas / cabbage / cauliflowers / broccoli and calabrese
• Sow beetroot / french beans / dwarf beans and squash
• Allow the foliage of daffodils and other spring-flowering bulbs to die down naturally.
• Open greenhouse doors and windows on warmer days, dampen the floor to increase humidity
• Mow the lawn weekly
• Plant up hanging baskets, using good quality compost and add a slow release fertiliser, and water retaining crystals remember to protect from any late frost
• Towards the end of the month, once frosts have passed, plant out summer bedding
• Pinch off strawberry runners as soon as they develop
• Open greenhouse vents during any warmer days
• Put up greenhouse shading or paint glass to prevent scorching plants
• Surround strawberries with straw to protect them, and net them to keep the birds off the fruit
• Trim hedges, yew, box and lonicera to keep them looking neat, but REMEMBER to check for nesting birds, - it is illegal to disturb nesting birds.
• Dig out any perennial weeds, such as couch grass and bindweed as soon as you spot them
• Feed houseplants weekly from now until autumn
• Check for any nesting birds before trimming hedges
• If moss is a problem, use a combined fertiliser and moss-killer when feeding your lawn
• Keep an eye on your roses, and treat for any diseases
• Tie in your sweet peas, to encourage them to climb
• Sow sweetcorn in deep pots, or ‘upcycle’ cardboard tubes and use them as pots.
• Enjoy the warmer weather in your garden