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Take Your Own Sensory Walk

Stuart Mabbutt | Wildlife Gardening Specialist

Walking out in nature, whether that’s down to the local shop, or across fields and hillside, the transition from one season to another is often stark and obvious.

As I write this piece we are moving into Spring, from a personally, rather challenging Winter.

I have been walking and deeply watching my thoughts and feelings as I try to really experience and know what this particular seasonal transition is like.

What does it feel like? Fresh, new, warmth on my neck. Don’t really think the sun lost all its warmth during the Winter just past as there always seemed to be some warmth remaining. Did you feel that too?

What does the transition from Winter to Spring sound like? Well, this was a hard one to start with but I feel there are more tones and frequencies out in nature as Spring starts to beckon.

What does its smell like? Plants like Daphne out in the gardens produce wonderful scents and aromas. So the transition brings up smells I’d forgotten which need a conscious effort to remind ourselves what they are.

What does the transition feel like? Warmer and delicate as new foliage emerges.

Taste. What does the transition from Winter to Spring taste like? More depth I’d say. Winter is about heavy root veg, soups and stews. A certain amount of sweetness appears in our gardens edible produce in Spring.

Get out there yourself, go for a walk, and see what your senses pick up as Spring Marches forward.

Happy Gardening