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Trials and Tribulations

Stuart Mabbutt | Wildlife Gardening Specialist

The article kind of wrote itself once I’d had an email through from a regular reader asking an age old question about bird song recognition.

That being, “How can one tell the difference between a Blackcaps call and a Garden Warblers call?”

Tough one that and its not easy, even the most experienced birdwatcher can find this a challenge, with many birds identified as a Blackcap later turning out to be a Garden

Warbler and many a Garden Warbler transpiring to be a Blackcap.

Its kind of down to experience, but that’s not failsafe either. A good tip is that Blackcap hit higher notes and often deeper notes, whereas Garden Warblers don’t have as a wider range of notes. But, there are regular exceptions to the rule.

So good luck with that one is all I can say. It does raise the point again in these lines though, that does it really matter the not knowing what it is aspect to the enjoyment of the wildlife in our gardens?

We get busy, identifying, categorising and understanding, that we often forget to just ‘be’, and just enjoy nature for what it is, in all its glory. Nature has many answers to the trials and tribulations we all encounter through life. To understand it is good, but is that really important at the end of the day?

Happy Gardening