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In Natures Own Time

Stuart Mabbutt | Wildlife Gardening Specialist

I wrote last time about having experienced my mother passing away, that I was using nature as a comfort and how I was noticing time moving in very strange ways at times of grief.

Since then, I have been observing how natures own body clock as it were works. No real conclusions, just more questions.

Nature fluctuates especially when there is a warm spell, just look at all the wild flowers already germinating. Or witness how nature contracts and protects itself when harsh weather reappears. Nature does find its own level and balances out though, which we ourselves could learn an immense about from.

As I write, it’s exactly a week, almost to the minute, that my mothers funeral happened. I wonder sometimes if nature is aware of passing time, or just focusing on ‘being’? Something else we could all no doubt learn from?

Do the birds in the garden realise how long they have been singing? Do the bees realise they’ve been flying around in circles much of the time? Do the little mammals and invertebrates have any comprehension that we are watching them, or are they just busy, doing what they do best, just ‘being’? I wonder if nature understands what ‘just being’ is?

Maybe what it is to be human is understanding and knowing which sets us apart? Is that a good thing though? Does that effect our enjoyment of our wildlife gardens though, as we just don’t spend time out in it happily just ‘being’?

Just some thoughts whilst sat out in my own wildlife garden, wondering what on earth to write about.

Happy Gardening