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Advice & Tips

To Do This Month


Temperatures are rising and the days are longer, - it’s time to take pleasure from your garden during the days and evenings, - the longest day being 21st June.

• Send off for autumn bulb catalogues, delay planting bulbs until November for the best results
• Continue dead-heading roses, perennials and annuals to keep them blooming.
• Water your containers and hanging baskets regularly, and feed once a week with liquid fertiliser
• Keep the vegetable garden well-watered, and harvest vegetables to encourage growth
• Feed tomatoes in pots or grow-bags, and pinch out the tops of outdoor tomatoes
• Keep ponds clear of any algae and duckweed, and keep topped up with water, ideally rainwater from your waterbutt
• Cover your fruit bushes with netting
• Pick early apples as they start to ripen.
• Lift onions, and Garlic, allow to dry before storing
• Trim hedges to keep them neat, shred and compost clippings
• Remove raspberry canes that have fruited - leave 6-8 new canes and tie in place
• Thin out bunches of indoor grapes
• Dead-head bedding plants and perennials to encourage continued flowering
• Trim lavender bushes to keep them compact
• Water fruit and vegetable plants daily in the warm weather
• Spring grown carrots and beetroot will be ready to harvest, but you can keep them in the ground to keep growing
• Keep birdbaths topped up in the warm weather
• Use bamboo canes to support stems of tall perennials
• Collect seeds from favourite plants
• Harvest sweetcorn and other vegetables as they become ready
• Take pictures of your garden when it is looking at its best – to remember colour combinations you might like to repeat
• Sit back and enjoy all you have accomplished!