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Stuart Mabbutt | The Not So Hidden Value Of Nature Around Us.

Last night I went to see Ray Mears at The Victoria Theatre in Halifax, West Yorkshire. Talking very emotionally about how we should appreciate and value the environment around us.

Not so we can save the planet, but so we can make the planet liveable and sustainable for ourselves.

I’ve also see Brian Cox in Stoke On Trent plus Brian May and Kerry Ellis at The Lowry in Salford. I was quite taken by how eloquently they expressed my own thoughts about the natural world around us, Brian May of course being a campaigner and a voice for our badgers.

We look back at our ancestors, right back through the Stone Age and on back to the Neanderthals and we always put our current selves on pedestals, better, as a result of progress.

Progress! If you say so! Our ancestors were very clever. Scientists even. Although lacking the white coats of their modern day counterparts, they were scientists all the same. No doubt. They strove, invented, discovered. They understood.

Do we? Do we really? It isn’t the job of our elders to share their learning’s with us. It’s up to us to ask them, tap into them. Not box them up and shut them away in old people’s homes.

Are we reinventing the wheel by letting go of our links to our ancestors? Recent ancestor and those from many 1000’s of years ago.

All things I think about when out in a wildlife garden. What do you think about when you are out tending your garden? It amazes me what is on people’s minds, or isn’t as the case may be.

Happy Gardening


Stuart Mabbutt

Wildlife Gardening Specialist